Happy Mother’s Day

First off, a huge Happy Mother’s Day shoutout to all the moms and grandmoms from sunny California. It’s going to be 100 degrees today so we nipped out early to Denny’s for breakfast this morning.

Steev treated me to an early Mother’s Day dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. What a proud mama I am. We figured we’d do an early dinner to beat the long lines. Even on a good day, they’re long as they don’t take reservations.


The oatmeal and sourdough bread rolls that never stop coming…


We only ordered a clam chowder (forgot to take a picture) and 2 mains to share. Their portions are huge and from experience, there’s no way we can finish one order each, there would be tons of leftovers.

The shrimp batter which is really, really good.


Jambalaya pasta, best thing ever. Gonna go back for another round of this later.


Macadamia caramel cheesecake, sinfully decadent. Not something we can eat a slice of each so we shared this.


Even ordering so little, we still had leftovers to take home. Burp 😉 .

Hope y’all have a good one! It’s great to be a mom. Enjoy your kids.

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