Wednesday Hodgepodge 124

1. When the children of today grow up, what do you think they’ll say about this period in time? What do you most hope they remember?

Well, we can only hope they remember how lucky they are that they have all these modern technology and conveniences, and parents to pay for college and stuff.

2. National Teacher’s Day is celebrated in the US of A on the first Tuesday in May, this year May 7th…share how a particular teacher positively impacted you.

My English writing instructor at college. On the first day of class, she sent shock waves through everyone with her deadly looks and whipping sarcasm. She was sharp and loved to pick on people to answer her questions because very few dared to offer their answers for fear of being stabbed by her merciless tongue.

Soon it was obvious she was quite taken with me and would often call on me to answer her questions. I think she liked me and I might’ve been the most hated person in class that semester. Long story short, she and I became friends and she encouraged me to keep up by writing and to take up law (which I probably should’ve).

3. What’s a dish your mama made, that if set in front of you today would whisk you right back to childhood?

My grandmother used to make the most fragrant fried rice with sausages, eggs and ginger.

4. Mother May I was a game we played when I was growing up…no pieces, parts, or plugs required. What games from childhood do you remember loving that were also pieces, parts, and plug-free?

Can’t think of any right now.

5. Besides your own mother, tell us about a woman who influenced you as a child?

My grandmother, the greatest woman who ever lived. Wish she were still here.

6. Mamma Mia! What’s the best play or musical you’ve ever seen?

You’re looking at a Philistine. I’ve only been to a musical but I can’t even remember the name 😆 .

7. What are three smells that make you feel nostalgic?

The smell of baking, Bounce sheets and a cool breath of fresh air.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Great to be here with my son Steev and enjoying the frisky freshness of the spring air and the sight of flowers everywhere.


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  • Joyce

    There is something about a soft breeze that also makes me feel a little nostalgic. Maybe it’s because we spend a lot more time closed up in air conditioned buildings than we did when I was a kid? Have a nice week!