Homemade salmon sashimi salad

We’re such big fans of Japanese food we might as well be Japanese. So being that we’re Japanese, we figured we’d replicate a simple but tasty Japanese salad we all love at home instead of forking out the big bucks to eat out.

sashimi salad

And here we are – iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes (which were really sweet), salmon sashimi with a generous drizzle of roasted sesame dressing. We had our first taste of roasted sesame dressing recently at a restaurant and we loved it. Who knew they have it in bottles? This is really, really good 😀 !

sashimi salad

When was the last time you tried replicating a restaurant dish at home? What was it, pray tell, and is it your new family favorite now?

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  • Jessica

    I LOVE Japanese food anything!!! As a matter of fact, the family favorite is Yakisoba. YUMMY! Thanks for sharing @ The Show Off Blog Party 🙂