Barbie, or the lack thereof

“Oh look, Mom, Barbies!!” my poor deprived daughters burst out in excitement as we stroll past this display at the mall. “Remember, we used to go to Toys-R-Us and spend hours looking at the Barbies… ??!”

Key word – looking, yes, “… but you wouldn’t let us buy any!” Yup, that’s the sad truth. But you know what, Barbie is just a tad too perfect for me. She’s got the perfect figure, beautiful clothes and a perfect life. She’s all about primping, skimpy-ing and little else (sorry, Barb, nothing personal!) so she’s not exactly the kind of role model I had in mind for my daughters.

It’s hard enough for girls growing up these days with all this (unwarranted) pressure to be slim and made up and popular with boys by a certain age, to keep up with what their friends have or are wearing or eating and which exotic vacation spot they’re headed to next. It’s sad girls can’t be girls any more but have to look and behave like lil apple tarts in order to be cool or in, whatever that means.

Too much peer pressure, I say. Too much chasing what’s not even important, in my books.

So it’s not surprising that between my two daughters, now teens, they’ve grown up with a grand total of 2 dolls (that includes their Barbies) between them. Even then, I didn’t pay for those Barbies with real money. I redeemed them with points that were expiring on a rewards card I had. I know. Such enthusiasm, right? Yup, that’s how crazy I am about Barbie and dolls in general.

I can be uber generous when it comes to Legos and construction sets but dolls, not so much. There’s nothing much Barbie can teach my daughters. So here they are, in their teens, smart, sensible, and down-to-earth, and none the worse for the lack of Barbie in their growing years.

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  • Julie Jordan Scott

    I know what you mean about Barbies… for goodness sakes. We mothers of girls need to empower them to feel completely positive about who they are, not cookie cutters of voluptuousness. That’s flat out crazy.

    I popped over from the Linkin with the Ladies Party – I followed you on blog lovin’ and here I am, commenting.

    Happy high fives! Happy Thursday!