Weekend wrap

Lunch out is usually the highlight of our weekend. After a week of school day meals, it’s nice to escape the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking and serving. This was our lunch on Saturday after our grocery run. What I really like is that it’s a balanced meal. There’s carb (rice), protein (braised chicken which was very tasty, by the way), a salad, fruit and soup.


Groceries on the weekend is, of course, a pain in the butt. But we seem to have perfected the art of grocery hit and run necessitated by the weekend mania of getting around without having to deal with too much rudeness and bad attitude, getting needlessly body-slammed by people and shopping carts or tripping over random kids. Our divide and conquer strategy seems to be working well, and we’re home in a jiffy.

Oh, and we finally had a rain storm. Dark skies, heavy rain that lasted barely an hour and did nothing to bring down the sweltering heat. We need more rain, much more. I don’t think this hellishly hot spell is going to end anytime soon.

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  • Jan

    I love Chinese food and your choices look yummy. Be careful what you wish for with that rain–we have been flooding here. I hope your heat wave breaks soon. Please send some of that my way I would l-o-v-e it!