Monday Quiz 11

Acting Balanced1. What is your best solution for getting rid of a headache?

Get one of my kids to massage the back of my neck or pop an Excedrin if it gets really bad.

2. Do you enjoy taking naps?

When I was working fulltime, I used to dream about how nice it would be if I could just close my office door, turn off the lights, tell my secretary to hold all calls and have myself a nice little snooze. Then for years after that, all my afternoons were spent shuttling my kids back and forth. Now that my kids are older, I can pretty much have my nap any time I want. It’s a wonder what a power nap can do!

3. What was the last ‘block buster’ movie you saw at the theatre?

Last weekend, we got free tickets from Tom Cruise to watch Oblivion. Not sure if it’s a blockbuster but we only go to the movies when they’re free. By the way, is it me or is Tom Cruise’s character nearly always named Jack?

4. If you could have anyone cook you dinner, who would it be?

That guy at Baja Fresh who somehow knew my name and was singing it out like we were old friends. Take it easy, we’ve only just met 😆 . But man, did I love that Tostada Salad he had waiting for me!! I could eat it every day hahaha.

5. My question…

I was nodding my head when I read this. Shorts are indeed getting shorter, now they’re barely even there. It’s getting to the point of being ridiculous. My daughters agree and I’m glad they’re making sensible fashion decisions, even if it means they sometimes have to resort to the guys’ section to find decent shorts. What do you think of shorty shorts?

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  • Jan

    I like to wear shorts in the summer but I have resorted to mostly wearing capris all the time because I have such a hard time finding shorts that are mid length and actually fit. I do not like these micro shorts. I also don’t like the way they make tshirts that are tight and long and have an extra long v neck that you must layer a cami under. I so wish the whole layering fad would go away. I am sorry I turned this comment into a rant, lol. I just have a really hard time with some of what passes for fashion these days.

    • Clairity

      Totally agree about the oversized collars that require layering. I’m having to layer unnecessarily too and frankly the weather is too too hot for that.

  • Nani

    I think athletic wear should be, for the most part, non gender specific. Of course boys don’t wear sports bras and protective athletic cups are different for boys and girls because they protect completely different parts, but sports shorts should be exactly that, shorts for sports not shorts for boys or girls.

    But I do fear that as much as some girls just want to play sports same as the boys, there are still kids, both boys and girls, that use sports as a way to attract the opposite gender. There are too many girls that devalue themselves by choosing practice wear and uniforms that “advertise” and the products are just catering to the market. Maybe we need to change that part of market’s self-image.

  • Mamaw's Place

    Back in the day of hot pants I was about 14 or 15 so I loved them. Looking back on that now, I can’t believe I ever went out in public like that. I remember Dad fussing about it all the time. Now I see kids and even grown women in them and I don’t like them at all. I don’t want to worry about what might happen every time I bend over.

  • blueyes

    Never liked them even when I was stick thin and a size 0. I always wear shorts that come just above the knee if I can find them and a little shorter around the house.