Saturday Snippets 5

Weekends are supposed to be lazy and laid back. But I do like some, not too much, structure to mine. Too often, the weekends are gone in a flash and it feels like such a waste. This weekend’s been good though. I managed to get my workout in. Having a home gym is so handy. I don’t have to leave the house. The bad thing is no more excuses, even on the weekend. Dang!

By mid-morning, we were at loose ends. Time to catch a free movie that comes with complimentary popcorn and soda. So off we went – Hip2bDaughters and I to watch G.I. Joe. Three  grown-up girls at a movie for little boys? Well, okay, so it wasn’t necessarily our kind of movie. If not for Channing Tatum and Dwock Johnson, we might’ve snuck out the back after the first 15 minutes. But it’s not exactly a boring movie either so we stayed for the non-stop action.

And that brings us to the end of spring break. It’s time to do some baking. Tomorrow I’ll bust out my oatmeal cookie dough and bake a batch of these bad boys for Hip2bDaughter2’s recess.


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