An alternative to Google Reader

I’ve been using Google Reader like forever and I love it. But come July 1, they’ll be pulling the plug on Google Reader. I’m heartbroken, of course *sobs*. I’ve started scrambling around for an alternative. So far, I haven’t found any yet that appeals to me. Picky me!

I’m not a fan of the boxy magazine format like Feedly and I don’t actually need one that’s mobile-friendly either. I’d prefer something that resembles Google Reader. So far, the only ones I know of are The Old Reader which is backed up on new subscriptions because so many people are waiting to get on, and Newsblur which is free for only up to a certain number of feeds. Most recently, I heard Digg is working on a Google Reader lookalike. I’m holding out for that and hoping it materializes into something that appeals to me.

When they retired Google Friends Connect a while back, I signed up for Bloglovin’. So glad I did. Well, okay so it’s not 100% like Google Reader but it does the job. Signing up is a piece of cake, and you can easily upload your Google Reader feeds to Bloglovin’ which also comes with a handy-dandy mobile app. I like it. Odds are you will too. Feel free to follow me here. The more the merrier.

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  • Jessica

    Hi there!

    You’ve got a pretty cool blog here! I’m stopping by from Linkin with My Ladies :). I look forward to reading more.

    The Wondering Brain

  • claudia

    I love bloglovin but i know its not an easy adjustment if people arent used to it.

    I wanted to stop by and say hello from linkin with the ladies hop. am a new follower on bloglovin and hope you can follow back 🙂

  • Michele

    I’ve been wondering what the heck i should do also!! It is good to know the Bloglovin will transfer readers I am definitely going there right after I finish this comment!! I know this is going to sound a little well—but if I am signed up for Feedburner for both RSS & the reader–is that the Google reader?

  • Jan

    I signed up for feedly and bloglovin. So far I prefer bloglovin because I can see the long list of all my blogs on the left column like I did in Google reader. If there is a way to make this show up in Feedly I have not figured out how to make it happen on my set up. The one thing that I don’t like is how I have to click open the full page for every blog I read. I miss the full page I could read right in reader most of the time. I used to star a lot of items to come back and read later. I have not figured out a new system for that yet either. So far I am just marking them as unread. Darn, Reader! I hope the Digg site is more like it. I am not completely happy with bloglovin. Did you claim your blog on there? I don’t quite get this either and have not done it yet.

  • Charity

    I am new to the blogging world and had only just started to use Google Reader when they announced they were shutting it down. I am digging bloglovin’ pretty well, especially since it has an app for my iPhone. It all comes down to that. :mrgreen: