The one in a million

Running errands isn’t something I necessarily enjoy. Mostly it has to do with me having to go into vulture mode circling the parking area trying to grab a parking spot. Apparently it’s not easy being a vulture when clearly there are no parking spots to be had in the first place.

Double parking is a fact of life if you live in this city where there are a thousand more cars than there are parking spots. I’m not a big fan of double parking but it’s simply not an option. The difference between me and most other folks though is that when I do double park, I never leave my car unattended. I usually bring someone along so they can sit in the car and alert me when someone needs to get out.

So there I was, double-parked at the bank while I scooted in for a few minutes. Raine was in the car and called me as soon as she saw the guy that I was blocking approaching. She told him to wait and said I’d only be a minute. And the guy replied…

It's okay, I'll wait (image credit:

It’s okay, I’ll wait??

No way he said that!! No one ever says that!! But Raine insists he said it not once but several times. The thing I’ve come to expect when I block someone’s car is that they’ll be blasting their horns, pacing up and down, pulling their hair, bending their fingers backwards, waiting to jump on me the moment I step out.

But here was this guy… with a huge friendly smile.

“That your car?” I asked as I sprinted past him. I came out right away. I don’t like to keep people waiting.

“Yup!” he chirped.

“So sorry, I’ll move,” I grinned as I jumped into my car.

What an absolutely nice guy, and how rare is that?! If everyone were like him, I might even be forced to change my mind about errands.

A kind smile and a little patience – it costs nothing yet it works wonders!! I like it… and dude, you definitely made this busy mommy’s day 😀 .

Have you met a nice person lately?

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  • oomph.

    it certainly is refreshing when you come across a nice person! makes your day!

    dropping by via the hop. following via G+ and bloglovin and twitter 🙂