Monday Quiz 9

Acting Balanced1. What is the most expensive car repair you ever paid for?

I try not to remember such depressing numbers.

2. Who is the big bad wolf in your world?

It would have to be the traffic. I’ve honestly gotten to the point when I feel like hanging up my steering wheel.

3. At what age is the best to have a first child?

I don’t think there’s a good age or a bad age. What’s important is whether or not you’re ready. Having a child is not like buying a new dress, you can’t return it if you decide it doesn’t suit you 😛 .

4. When was the last time you said something nice to someone?

I say nice things all the time… to my kids.

5. My question…

Now that Google Reader is being discontinued, what are you planning to use? I’m still looking for alternatives but haven’t settled on one yet.

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  • blueyes

    I’m still testing them out. Feedly seemed to be the clear winner but I don’t like the way it is set up. A few others Gizmodo chose in their article I didn’t care for either just from the layout and I’m trying to test out The Old Reader which looks very similar to Google Reader but I’m like 3,235 in line to get my subscriptions imported and have no idea how long that will take so I can test it out. I even added the subscriptions to my email program but hated it as it bogged the thing down so I couldn’t even use it.

  • Jan

    I looked at Feedly but I am not sure if I like it or not. I am not familiar enough to say but I just don’t really know how many choices are even out there. I might have to get used to it whether I like it or not.

  • Nani

    I don’t use Google Reader. I used the update on the Google dashboard for my blog and they haven’t threatened that… yet.