What we’re eating this week

… as if anyone wants to know, right?

Well, we don’t typically eat out on school days. Instead I will throw together something that the girls love and look forward to eating when they get home from a long day at school. I mean, that’s what moms do, right? 😀 And I love cooking for my babies.

But this is a more exciting week for us than most, as far as meals go, and all because I bought 5 plump Portobellos last weekend. They were fresh from the farm and I couldn’t resist. I used one for the grilled salmon, and the others, I added to my chicken pie and beef marinara fillings for later use.

Monday, we had grilled salmon with Portobello mushrooms with spaghetti olio.

grilled salmon

Tuesday was vegetarian day for us. Raine, my budding chef, cooked scalloped potatoes for us.


Wednesday, Raine made us this chicken pot pie with the frozen filling I made the day before. Scrumptious because of the Portabellos.

chicken pot pie

Today, we’re having fish from a box with homemade fries and salad.


Friday, we’re making my version of cannelloni with that awesome beef-Portobello marinara sauce that’s calling out to me from the freezer. Can’t wait!


Good food doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet if you cook it yourself. All it takes is a little time and effort and I can whip up some of our favorite restaurant food. What I really love about cooking at home is that I get to play with flavors, experiment with different ingredients, and personalize it to the way my kids like it aka creating my own version of our favorites.

What kind of food week are you having? I’m looking for new meal ideas and would love to hear what your family favorites are.

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  • Pinkoddy

    It is hard to think of new food ideas all the time isn’t it. It’s getting it done in the times for me too. My oldest and husband don’t get home until 5pm and sometimes the boys need to be out at 5pm too for swimming lessons, and tonight it’s cub scouts.

    We have lots of jacket potatoes, pasta, shepherds pie etc – or convenience food such as pizza.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  • Michele

    I buy baby portabellas and throw them whole right into a salad–gives it a different texture then regular white mushrooms. Other then that I rarely cook with Portabellas–but now that I am thinking about it–would love to make a couple stuffed with a crab filling–Whenever I see that on a menu I always go for it and it should be simple enough!

  • Sofia

    I’ve always meant to make a weekly menu but I just can never figure it out. Or I make it and when Tuesday comes what was on the menu for that day just didn’t sound yummy.

    From your menu…I’d like to try the scalloped potatoes! 🙂

  • joan

    Hi! Visiting you from Linkin With the Ladies Blog Hop!! I am glad to meet you! New follower here ! Allow me to check with you every now and then, ok? Hugs to you dear!!!

    Awesome list! I can’t even come up with a menu for the day. You are so goo!

    Hope you can visit and follow me too!