Monday Quiz 8

Acting Balanced1. When would you consider planting flowers or vegetables at your residence?
I’m no green thumb and we live in the city where there isn’t a whole lot of room for planting anything unless we turn the roofs of our houses and cars into gardens 😆 .

2. What is more egregious; cheating on one’s spouse or spending the family into being bankruptcy?
These are tough choices here. I don’t know which is worse – probably cheating, but getting into a financial pit isn’t something to be proud of either.

3. In honor of Pi Day this week, what is your favorite kind of pie?
It would have to be chicken pie in different shapes and forms, just to change things up a little.

4. Would would you give Wayne @ Touristic for his birthday today?
I don’t know, a chocolate cake and a book? Does he like books or is he drowning in them already? Okay, maybe a comic book then 😆 .

5. My question…
Do you listen to your voice mail? Because I don’t, and I don’t understand why I even have it. It’s so much easier to just text someone so why would anyone want to leave me a voice mail which I would then have to call the phone company to retrieve and spend 5 minutes listening to. So my question is, do you use voice mail?

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