Hey, lady texter

So I came darned near to running down a woman with my minivan in a parking lot. She’s lucky I was inching along like a snail past another minivan parked in front of the mall entrance. I was focused on the tight squeeze.

She’s lucky too my girls yelled out when they spied her stepping out from the front of that minivan just as I was passing. I mean, let’s face it, this person was short and inconspicuous, not exactly David Beckham, if you know what I mean.

So that was my excuse. She, well, she had no excuse! Her head was down, and her eyes were glued to her cellphone, and she was texting like her life depended on it!! There was no way she could’ve seen me coming!

walkandtext (image credit: morningjoe.com)

I jammed on the brakes at the same exact moment she lifted her head from her phone for all of one nanosecond, yup, just long enough to cast me an icy cold glare. Not a moment to lose, she instantly went back to texting. I glared back at her in disgust. I could’ve sworn I saw a neon sign popping out on top of her head with the words “YOUR fault, NOT mine!”

Dumb just got dumber and driving just got more fun 🙄 .

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