My take on Oscar fashion 2013

I’m late to the party. But of course. I’ve been doing memes all week because they’re so much fun. At the same time, I can’t let Oscar week go by without my take on the Red Carpet fashions, can I? So here’s looking at who wore what.

AmandaSeyfriedAmanda Seyfried

Wow, I love this dress and her toned arms. So elegant and in a color that she wears so well. There’s no need for much accessorizing as she lets the textured detailing on the dress work their magic.

Halle-BerryHalle Berry

Hello, Captain Space Woman with the collar, shoulder pads and tin foil stripes. I read she was trying to achieve the look of a Bond girl with this?? Ummm, really? Wow, maybe with that bizarre updo but everything else about this look says military. Wonder if anyone saluted as they walked by :rolls: .

JenniferGarnerJennifer Garner

What a beautiful number! Love the color! Trust Jennifer Garner to flaunt the one-piece mommy bathing suit that instantly made it cool for moms not to have to wear a bikini to look sexy, and now this. As for that deceivingly simple front and a sneak peek of those gorgeous ruffles behind. Pure genius!

JenniferLawrenceJennifer Lawrence

This dress reminds me of puff pastry gone awfully wrong. The billowing gown is much too stiff and looks really awkward and rubbery. She definitely needs to accessorize a little more that what that invisible necklace has to offer. If nothing else, it would help draw attention away from that puff pastry below.

CharlizeTheronCharlize Theron

Wow, wow, wow, is all I can say, this is a very classy yet simple dress. Throw in a super short crop to those amazing arms, it’s all good. Short crops aren’t an easy hairstyle to pull off without facial features like hers.

Jennifer-AnistonJennifer Aniston

Okay, this dress is charming in its own way. I like the brilliant color but I personally would’ve preferred it to be a slimmer cut. That would’ve been more like the Jennifer Aniston we know. This seems a little on the soft side, maybe even a tiny bit frumpy.

NaomiWattsNaomi Watts

I’m in love here! I love everything about this dress from the shimmer to the asymmetrical design to the singular mischievous cap sleeve to the right to bare arms.

Dare I say this year’s dresses seem much less flamboyant and much more tame?

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