Wednesday Hodgepodge 115

1. When were you last facing an ocean? Using just ONE word, describe how you felt as you faced that ocean.
We watched the sunset at Venice Beach, Cali two years ago and man, just gazing out at the gently rolling waves approaching from the vastness of it all was so amazing that we drove right back out there the next morning to catch the sunrise. One word, awestruck!

2. What are three sounds you hate to hear?
The constant drilling, pounding, hammering coming from my dear neighbor’s house. It’s been 6 months! What the heck are you building? A castle???!! 😯

3. This question comes to you courtesy of some real life friends. Hi real life friends! When you shop for yourself, do you try everything on in the store before buying or do you buy, try on at home, and then return what you don’t like or what doesn’t fit?
I would try stuff on at the store before buying. I would rather brave the stuffy fitting rooms than drive back and forth.

4. February 26th is National Pistachio Day…are you a fan of the little green nut? Do you use them in cooking and baking or prefer to eat them right out of the shell?
I don’t eat them often but when I do, it’ll mostly be out of the shell.

5. When did you last have to compromise with someone? Were you happy to reach the compromise or slightly irritated it was necessary?
It’s likely to be me letting the girls pick where/what they want to eat. I’m happy to go along with whatever they choose. Saves me the cracking my head.

6. Have you ever written a letter to an elected official? Did you get a response?
Probably but I can’t remember when.

7. We ‘March’ into a new month at the end of this week…what’s something on your March calendar guaranteed to make you smile?
The fact that this brings us closer to the school break.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
My baking assistants and I spent the afternoon whipping up this New York cheesecake that’s now sitting in the fridge. I do occasionally bake cheesecake but this is the first time I’m trying my hand at the New York style. Tomorrow I’ll just top it with that homemade blueberry topping, and we’ll have ourselves a very decadent dessert. So excited, can’t wait to taste this 😛 . Anyone want some?


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