Fixing a rod bracket

We would’ve stayed home and chilled out all of last weekend except… the rod brackets in our closet decided to snap and what else could we do but go hunting for spare parts at the store where we bought the closet?


“The place is a zoo,” my teens complain, already checking out the floor plan and planning our exit strategy. “Okay, I see a shortcut. We’ll just cut through here!” they exclaim, even as an errant child bounces out of nowhere and lands with a thud at our feet.

With my able navigators at the battle front, we weave our way to the wardrobe section. There is no one at the information counter. We crane our necks. Nothing. Raine starts opening and closing the closet doors nearby. “Maybe he’s in here, or here.” Yup, we need a little humor here.

We continue waiting, shifting left and right in front of the information counter to avoid the folks milling around who are trying to paste themselves on our backs. Finally a staff steps up and I show him a picture of my broken rod bracket on my cellphone. It sure beats trying to describe it.

“What’s the name of your cupboard?” he asks.

Wait, he can’t be serious. I can tell you the name of that popular polar bear that they’ve just immortalized in a Berlin museum (Knut), and I can tell you the name of that little penguin they dropped off to find its way home to Antarctica (Happy Feet). But the name of my cupboard, no! I’m sorry but I’m not in the habit of remembering names of cupboards, assuming they even have names, that is 🙄 .

He wastes no time in sending us to Customer Service. “They might have it,” he says but something tells me they probably won’t have a clue either. And I was right. After a long wait for them to trawl the warehouse, they have no idea if or when it’s coming in or if they’re even going to stock it. Which leads me to my next logical question…

What if someone buys a cupboard tomorrow and the rod bracket is faulty and they need it replaced? Customer Service says they have no idea. Good answer! I’m not even going to argue with that!

So we head off to a random hardware store. I flash the cellphone picture of the rod bracket to the guy, he barely glances at it and he’s pointing me to Aisle 20. We head on over to Aisle 20 and… wait for it, we find those rod brackets!! Aah finally, someone who knows his job.

So there – me, my biceps and my phillips screwdriver got together and it’s fixed now! It’s not the same exact bracket (so it left a little hole underneath) but it does the job. Ta-daa!


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