Wednesday Hodgepodge 114

1. When were you last ‘on a mountaintop’? You may answer in the literal or figurative sense.
The past couple of weeks have been kinda “om” for us. You know, kicking back, being altogether lazy and just not doing very much.

2. Do you establish and maintain a strict budget in your household? What is one piece of financial advice you would offer someone just starting out on their own?
I try to maintain a budget but that doesn’t mean I’m always successful. On the other hand, I don’t believe in wasting so I guess that makes up for it in a small way. My advice is don’t live beyond your means.

3. Cherries-yay or nay? Cherry pie, cherry cola, black forest cake, or a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s Cherries Garcia…pick one.
Love fresh sweet cherries and black forest.

4. Should you ever discuss religion or politics with people you don’t know?
Apparently those are sensitive issues with some folks. So I don’t think it’s wise to bring it up. I respect other people’s religions and political viewpoints and I hope they respect mine. Best to leave it at that.

5. When you take a road trip, do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger? Where were you headed on your last road trip?
I prefer to be the passenger so I can go to sleep. But I’m okay with splitting the drive. My last road trip was 4,000 miles up and down the Californian coast 2 years ago. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much driving in my life but I loved it. I’ve not done any road trips since.

6. If we peeked inside your closet, what color would we say is most prevalent?
I honestly have no idea and never thought to check, so I took a peek, literally. Okay, this is new to me – there is no prevalent color, my clothes are all different shades and colors. So that makes me a colorful person 😛 ?

7. Who’s your favorite senior citizen and why are they special?
There are so many. I don’t remember their names. But every time I come across a story about an older person who is out there living life to the fullest and challenging themselves – like those people in their 80’s who are body builders, jumping out of airplanes, going back to school and stuff, I’m full of admiration for them.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Hip2bDaughter2, my high school senior, asked me “Mom, what’s the smallest bone in the body?” Wokay, you got me!

“Is it your eardrum?” I offered.

“Your eardrum is not a bone, it’s a drum!” she replied and we both burst out laughing.

I know it’s in the ear somewhere but I can’t be sure. “Okay, let’s google this or I won’t get any sleep tonight.”

And the answer is the stirrup bone, or stapes, in your middle ear. But you knew that already, right? Well, I didn’t. Now I’m a little wiser than I was this morning 😆 .

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