Monday Quiz 5

Acting Balanced1. Who was the last person you said ‘I love you to?’

My daughter Raine.

2. What was the last non-kid friendly movie you saw?

I don’t believe I’ve watched anything but kid-friendly movies since my kids were born 😆 .

3. When was the last time you got angry about something that you felt silly about later?

You know what, my mind is a complete blank right now.

4. Where is your favorite object at this moment?

My Swiss Army watch which is on my dresser.

5. My question…

We picked up some Del Monte bananas and a tub of ice cream last weekend. I have some homemade brownies in my freezer. We decided to have brownies with ice cream yesterday, and a double banana split today. What can I get you – brownies topped with ice cream, or a double banana split? 😉

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