Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 80

Everyday Ruralty
1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine’s Day?

I don’t have any plans right now but I can always be convinced to bake some cookies :mrgreen: .

2. When you attend something that isn’t totally casual, are you likely to wear dress pants or a dress?

I’m okay with both. I find pants to be much more comfortable. If I wear a dress, I’d have to wear tights and the very idea of having to be careful so I don’t rip them sometimes puts me off wearing them altogether.

3. Do you use a regular toothbrush or one of the battery run kind?

I use a power toothbrush. If it weren’t such a drag twisting the end off when it’s time to change the batteries, I would love it even more. My kids have the rechargeable ones with a stand which are more pricey but less of a hassle. My next toothbrush is going to be that.

4. Did you have valentines in school when you were a child?

When I was in college in Cali, I had a part-time job teaching lab. On Valentine’s Day, I ran into one of my students (my peer) in the library. We stopped to chat for a bit and then he reached into his backpack and totally surprised me with a Valentine’s card. Blond, blue eyes, amazing smile, swoo-oon! What can I say? 😳

5. If you could learn a new craft tomorrow, what would it be?

I’d like to learn to paint on mugs, chairs and other household stuff. One of my girl friends showed me some pretty florals she’d done on a wooden ornament. It was the coolest thing ever. I went out and bought the paints right away thinking I would sign up for classes later. But work got in the way and I never got around to it. Think she mentioned it’s called folk art. I’m not sure if that’s the name for it. Anyone have any idea?

I still can’t comment on your blog, Patrice, so I’m saying it here, thanks for hosting 😀 . Hope you all have a great Valentine’s and a great week.

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  • Melanie S

    Sounds like you would like decoupage also, putting vintage items on things and getting them to conform to the shape. I think I need to make some cookies for valentine’s day !

  • Jan

    I am with you about pants being way more comfortable. Folk art painting is very pretty. I bet your family will love some Valentine’s cookies. 😉

  • patrice

    I wonder why my blog wouldn’t take your comment. I’ll never understand blogger. I always like an excuse to bake cookies too. I think a rechargeable toothbrush sounds good. I tried Folk Art and really liked it. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube and you can do it on your own schedule. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Pam

    I like your craft idea. D4 tried that with some stools at her apartment and they turned out great! If I tried it…well, let’s just say there’s a reason I haven’t tried it. LOL