Hip to be #Shopping – You love the @BigBangTheory, now wear the #shirt

Confession, we are head over heels in love with the Big Bang Theory. It has us ROTFL and obviously that can’t be bad! The dialog is simply the wackiest and most hilarious ever. If you’re a geek, or secretly wish you were one, you’ve got to watch it… and buy the shirts!

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Zip-Up Hoodie

This zip-up hoodie for men simulates the quality of a certain sleep-inducing soft kitty taken from the hit comedy Big Bang Theory. Even the printed cutesy cat face is laughable, and I guarantee you will coo when you see the cat-striped arms and hood, the attached–yet removable–mitten-simulating kitty paws, and the simulated kitty ears! Oh, and it’s even got a tail!

Big Bang Theory Shel-bot Costume T-Shirt

This red t-shirt features the silhouetted appearance of the Shel-bot from the, um, neck down. So what’s a Shel-bot? A Shel-bot is a mechanical stand-in for the often reclusive Dr Sheldon Cooper, star of the hit niche-culture comedy Big Bang Theory! Yup, Dr Sheldon finds the world and those who populate it extremely… mean, and unnecessarily physical.

On those days when Sheldon desires to speak his mind without fear of experiencing the pain of reprisal, he launches… Shel-bot! Oh and Shel-bot is armed with rocket fists (that have gone missing) and a laser… hanger. Yup, rumor has it Shel-bot Mark II will be able to fly… and roll sushi. Just a rumor. Anyway now YOU can be Shel-bot! It’s like…a printed reproduction of the body completed with your human head!

Big Bang Theory Others Are Stupid T-Shirt

To heck with 2nd hand smoking. Bullocks to the obesity epidemic. The real threat to the world is neither of these but something far more prevalent and pervasive – stupidity! Intelligence is looked at as a negative trait which is something the folks over at Big Bang Theory take issue with.

This 100% cotton Big Bang Theory Others Are Stupid T-Shirt pretty much sums up their opinion which is unfortunately true. If stupid people make Sheldon sad, then what does the programming line up on MTV do to him? What about diet soda with fast food? What about texting and driving?

Yes, all of these actions would cause our main man, Sheldon’s eyes to roll back into his skull. Let’s stop the wave of stupid people – the first shot in this war is the Big Bang Theory Others Are Stupid T-Shirt.

If you’re a fan, you’ll be running over to check out more Big Bang Theory shirts here.

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