Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 1/2013

1. Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

They never worked for me before and I doubt they will now. I just create little goals sometimes as I go along which look much less overwhelming and more achievable.

2. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

Lots, I expect, seeing as how much I have on my plate.

3. Tell me about your favorite place to think, create, or just relax.

I haven’t yet learned how to relax. Maybe if I move away from the city, I might learn how to do that. I get most of my brainwaves in the shower. Don’t laugh 😛 . I swear it must be something about the way the water bounces off the walls or something, go figure.

4. Are you a fan of old movies? (Like the ones that were originally black and white.)

I’m not sure I’ve watched any black and whites. Can’t say there are many old movies I like either. But the movies that I like, I go absolutely crazy and watch them over and over. Like “Roxanne”, for instance, I must’ve watched it like 100 times over on cable.

5. Tell me something that made you happy since our last porch visit. If you’re new to the chats, tell me something good that has happened to you lately.

The holiday season always makes me happy. I’m such a sucker for bright lights, good food and that whole festive atmosphere of the holidays. Been smiling ever since 😉 . Hope everyone had a great one!

Everyday Ruralty

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  • Deb

    Roxanne is one of my very favorites, too…especially, the part where he’s in the bar/restaurant and makes fun of his nose in such hilarious ways!!!

  • Arlene

    The holidays make me happy too. Packing them away makes me sad 🙁 . But thankfully I’m getting it done and soon we’ll be back to the old swing of things. Have a blessed week.

  • patrice

    I loved the movie Roxanne! There were lots of good movies made around that time. I understand what you mean about brainwaves and the shower- strange, but it works. Possibly works because it relaxes you. Happy New Year!

  • Sherri

    I liked Roxanne too. It’s funny you mentioned that one, we just watched The Jerk too funny. Old movies are great. Have a Blessed & Happy New Year :O)