Happy New Year 2013

Tada! Here comes my New Year nail art design. Electrifying, huh?

New Year nail art

Admittedly I wasn’t in the best of moods for writing my New Year’s post last night. Blame it on that splitting headache I picked up at the mall (turn up the a/c, for goodness sake!).

It’s a wonder I even managed to pull off a home-cooked New Year’s Eve dinner. It wasn’t grand or anything. Just us gathered around the table as a family enjoying one of our favorite meals of roast chicken and potatoes. I think that’s good enough.

roast chicken

We kicked off the new year today with this scrumptious homemade lasagne and mashed potatoes. It’s huge, enough for two meals. It seems this has been on our New Year’s menu for the past few years. So I guess lasagne has unknowingly become a New Year’s tradition for us.


So now that our tummies are full, let’s look back for a moment at 2012. What really stands out is the quality time the girls and I had. I mean, it was major. The trips to the gym. The coffee breaks after our grocery runs. The often-impromptu meals out. The people-watching at the malls. The car rides everywhere. The stories from school and college. The movie nights, sometimes stretched out in bed, sometimes huddled on the floor. They were all good. Not to mention, a barrel of laughs and sarcasm.

Oh, and those afternoons spent sweating it out in the kitchen, baking 2-3 things at the same time. This was the year the girls have become ever more confident in the kitchen and it makes me proud. I love cooking and baking, and it’s natural I should hope my girls would enjoy it as much as I do. And happily, I think they do. We work so well as a team I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t open a restaurant some day making all our own favorite food 😆 .

And of course, somewhere in those never-ending Mom’s taxi rides were the long, meaningful conversations about everything under the sun. So yeah, I had me some of the most precious, most cherished parenting moments right there in my old clunker of a minivan punctuated only by me cussing at the drivers around me. So thank you, babies, for an awesome ride. Now turn off that computer and get your nose into that book – now, not 2 hours before the test!!

Okay, now on with the new year which I’m praying will be a safer and more peaceful one. Happy New Year!

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  • Alethea Etinoff

    Our girls and I spent the 2nd half of the year learning to commute together again. Our oldest daughter left for college in August and I became the designated driver again for our 9yr old twins and 6 year old daughters. It was trying in the beginning. Especially waking them up and making sure they were dressed on time to leave in the mornings. Prayerfully, we are on target. Next week I we’ll see once they return to school after Christmas Break. 😯