A simple Christmas

We’re hibernating. Yup, huge home-loving types that we are (not!). Why else would we not be spending a quiet day at home during Christmas time?

Well, the real reason is that we’ve done more than our fair share of eating out and mall trawling this holiday season. Time to take a little step back – something which can be hard to do when you have fellow mall-crawlers plastered to your back and jostling you off the escalator half the time.

My philosophy is that unless you’re into contact sports, it’s best to avoid the holiday crowds altogether. So we’re sitting it out right here at home, the girls savoring the last bits of their new books and me pretending to whip up a pseudo-festive meal or two. I did say my kitchen’s closed but what the heck!

I bought 3 Portobello mushrooms the other day, all bigger than the palm of my hand. I used one for my pasta bake on Christmas Eve and I’m saving that last one for a vegetarian quesadilla I’m going to make day after tomorrow.


And I used one for our very simple Christmas chicken pot pie (I did say pseudo) accompanied by iced jasmine tea and a heap of fruits.

chicken pot pie

 So that, in a nutshell, was our Christmas. A very quiet one spent recharging our batteries.

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