Hip to be #Shopping – The perfect gift for any #superhero fan

Okay, it seems I just can’t get enough of superheros. Here comes more of my personal picks.

Avengers Movie Bi-Fold Wallet

This AWESOME Avenger’s movie bi-fold wallet features a beautiful indented graphic showing preeminent members of the Avengers Initiative ready to inflict colossal collateral damage; positioned right before their very own logo.

Iron Man Short Tumbler Glass Set

This set of four short tumbler glasses each adorned with a unique classic image of the Invincible Iron Man is perfect for the family that loves Iron Man as much as we do! Oh and check out the Iron Man logo on the back of each glass too.

These are very much like whiskey glasses and can definitely be used for this purpose after the kids have gone to bed 😆 .

Spiderman Young Hero Kids Jacket

This twill Spiderman jacket for kids features a huge embroidered Spiderman noggin a vertical embroidered Spiderman logo and colored embroidered dancing spiders. And that’s only the front of the jacket!

The sleeves feature more of those dancing embroidered spiders along with the Spiderman logo on a raised unrolled scroll. The back features a giant raised Spiderman sort of…phasing between red sliver and blue swinging like a mad pig (that swings) alongside another vertical embroidered Spiderman logo.

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