Just chillin’

We’re kicking back. Another staycation, yes. Many folks are off on travel and road trips – reason #122 to stay off the roads as much as possible in favor of hanging out at home, eating out and doing a bit of window shopping. Yup, hands off, just window shopping.

My kitchen is closed for the most part and yet, most of our shopping seems to center around groceries. Those who know me know that I’m a chronic bulk shopper who should probably be in rehab. But why? I’m not ashamed of the fact that I’m a darned good hoarder :mrgreen: .

Me and the girls set out early yesterday and made a $500 haul of groceries. No, those are not for tomorrow night’s Mayan Apocalypse party, I promise. Does anyone even believe stuff like that?!! Not us. We just enjoy a good haul, that’s all.

Now we’re basking in the satisfaction of a minivan bursting at the seams with groceries 😛 . Sure took some major logistics to fit 2 overflowing shopping carts into a 7-seater and into my fridges and store room later. Happily we now have enough tissues and toiletries, coffee and prunes to last us a whole year. That was fun!

However, my mood this past week has been dampened by news that some monster had busted his way into an elementary school and taken so many innocent lives. Unfathomable, is the word I tweeted when I first heard about this. As moms, there is just no way we can avoid wondering how something like this could happen. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

On a brighter note, I’m looking forward to these days of hanging out with my lovelies. Right now, I’d love a glass of ice-blended coffee. This is by far the tastiest of all the ones out there.


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