Great expectations

So we set our alarm clocks and synchronized our watches. If your guess is that we’re embarking on a major expedition to the North Pole, you’re close.

We’re headed to a book sale, no less. A book sale that my bookworms have been eagerly awaiting… with a rare road trip thrown in for good measure – all 49 and a half minutes of it on a clear day with blue skies and pre-rush hour traffic.

We’re up at the crack of dawn. Well, we kinda missed the first alarm and snoozed till the sun was streaming in through the windows. Totally unplanned, I promise you. Okay, so maybe we need to work on our precision timing. But trust me, we’re almost there 😛 .

“I’m so excited I can almost imagine myself there already. I hope they have my book! I really hope they have my book!” I caught Hip2bDaughter2 singing to herself in front of the mirror.

Imagine you want to get your hands on a book so bad but you have to crane your neck out for like a whole year for the next sale. It’s hard, I know. I could just bite the bullet and grab the book off the shelf the moment someone expresses an interest in it. But the things you have to wait for are much more valued. That’s my biased view.

As it turned out, the drive took longer than the shopping itself. We were done and home before mid-morning. That’s how good the sale was!! They didn’t have the books my not so little bookworms wanted and we left with (what I wouldn’t even call) a haul we could easily count on one hand. A whopping 5 books!

Meantime, I’m sure my bookworms will find tons of fun stuff to read on the internet. You know, your regular everyday stuff about climate change, explorations on Mars and genetically-modified mosquitoes, to name a few 😉 .

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