Turning up the heat

I like my food spicy. Make that, the spicier the better. I grew up with spicy food and have progressed from heat to heat since. Apparently that’s rubbed off on my brood 😆 .

Not a meal goes by when we don’t have a fiery kick here, a flame shooter there and a fire extinguisher on standby. Because my cooking tends to be super low-sodium, which makes it kinda bland, the heat helps fire things up a notch and makes the meal much more interesting and palatable.

Chilli sauce for fish and fries. Trust me, it’s not as spicy as it looks. They always seem to serve us 2 little bowls for 4 or 5 of us and we keep them busy running up and down with refills.

Peri-peri sauce is our favorite by far. They come in 4 flavors – garlic, mild, hot and extra hot. Pick the extra hot if you dare. It’s a killer, trust me on this one! Here’s a quick tip: If your mouth’s on fire, grab a warm/hot drink rather than a cold one. It’s proven you need fire to fight fire!!

Fresh birds’ eye chillies in soy sauce, a perennial favorite. At most restaurants, we have to specially request this. They’re usually not the most generous so we keep badgering them for refills. This picture is one of the few instances when the server read our minds and brought 2 heaping platefuls. The guy is brilliant, he deserves a promotion 😉 .

In short, I can’t imagine a world without chilly and spice. Does this qualify me to be a ‘hot’ mama? Just wonderin’ *shrug* .

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  • Kim @2justByou

    Our two families would get along just fine! We love to turn up the heat, and many people are amazed at my soon-to-be-2-year-old who doesn’t wince at chile and can eat spicy stuff with the big kids! LOL