The mane

So my hair was beginning to resemble a lion’s mane. Which would’ve been totally fine if I were a lion. Of course, some might argue that I can be quite the lion mom but that’s totally untrue 😛 .

Thing is I’ve been procrastinating on taming my unruly mane for 3 whole months and I was beginning to feel that pretty soon it’ll be spring and birds might see it fit to nest and sing from the top of my head.

So I had to kick some butt and get going. Finally, I’ve got some structure back on my mane and that can’t be bad, right? My hair’s a lot shorter and my head feels a lot lighter. It’s quicker to wash and air-dry after my workouts.

I think I like it 😀 .

It’s kinda different than the style I had before. If you know me, you know I like something adventurous, something stylish but not in style. That’s just how I roll, baby!

Say, do you like experimenting with different hairstyles like I do, or do you tend to stick with the same cut?

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