What’s the rush?

City people are always in a rush, it seems. I don’t know where they’re rushing to or why they’re even rushing sometimes. They just do. Even when there’s absolutely no reason to.

On the way out of the restaurant after this dinner, we were practically mowed down by this young father who comes barging down the narrow restaurant aisle wheeling his baby stroller straight at us!

There are tables and chairs, and diners on both sides of the aisle. But he didn’t even blink! There didn’t seem to be any sort of emergency. But who knows? Clearly this guy was on a mission!

For a split second, we stood frozen in shock as he continued his stampede towards us. Let’s face it, there was just no stopping him!! He was bent on flattening toes and sending little old women (the few in front of us) flying in all directions.

There was no time to warn anyone. We barely saved our own toes.

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