Wardrobe refresh

If, in my Thanksgiving post yesterday, I neglected to mention this, I’m saying it now. Happiness is a wardrobe refresh and I’m thankful for my fashionable good taste 😉 .

There are few sounds sweeter than the door bell heralding the arrival of the first of our shopping spoils. Just in time for the holidays too. And a little something to cheer us up after our nasty bout of stomach flu this week.

My new tank tops which are super cool. It’s quite a change that they’re not made in China 😉 . So definitely something to be cherished.

And of course, 4 pretty glosses all in a row. Where I got these is a Secret 😉 !

I didn’t take pictures of the girls’ stash because by the time they were done dancing around the room, I was done trying to get a good shot. In case you’re wondering, we’re not done shopping yet. This is just the beginning and we’re off to a great start bwahahaha!

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