One of those weeks

Warning: Rant ahead. It’s Hip2bDaughter1’s week off from college and we were thinking we could kick back and have a bit of fun just lazing at home or going out for a bit. But it was not to be. Turned out, Hip2bDaughter2 and I ate some nasty yogurt and came down with a really bad bout of stomach flu (read all about it here, if it’s not too much for you).

For the past 3 days, we’ve been home. Tummy cramps. Feeling like hell. Liquid diet. Trying to catch up on lost sleep. Not cool. at. all! As you can well imagine, yogurt is now officially on my list of evil foods.

Today’s the fourth day and cabin fever was setting in and we were just beginning to feel a little up to solids. So against our better judgement, we decided to head out for some ‘real’ food. Not the best idea I’ve ever had. Then again, no good decisions are ever made on an empty stomach.

Just to sidetrack a little, we stepped into the mall and came upon a crowd holding up placards. Okay, so what’s up NOW, people?

8 placards held up by 8 fools saying — Amy. I. Love. You. Will. you. marry. me?


Lucky for you my name’s not Amy because if I got proposed to as part of a publicity stunt like this, you can be sure I’ll ditch you faster than you can say “NO”, moron!!

Dinner was okay (we were ravenous) but it upset our tummies again when we got home. So it’s back to liquids today. Bah humbug! A totally wasted week. End of rant. And there is no positive side.

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