A pretty good weekend

Saturday morning, we were shaken up by dear neighbor’s incessant drilling and pounding. Way to start a weekend! Which pretty much forced us to leave the house in a hurry for lunch out before groceries. Navigating the shopping cart through the sea of people, now that’s an old story.

Came dinner time and I had nothing to show for it. So we took off again, this time to a porky place. Let’s face it, you got to love pork. We ordered the full rack of ribs (didn’t get the picture), plus this – ribs and salmon combo, …

… barbecue chicken,

… and 2 servings of nachos which is probably the best thing on their menu.

The food is pretty simplistic but bone dry. What’s sorely lacking are the sauces. A lot of folks may not know this agree but it’s the sauce that makes the dish.

Sunday was a good day. Lazing around at home. No rush. No stress. No one cutting us off at the escalators, ramming their carts into our hips, or slamming doors in our faces. Hope you had a good one too 😀 .

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