A new one for the PEARL

Our heads are still spinning from the meal we had last weekend. Let’s just call it a whirlwind romance. Well, we were walking around in circles at the mall trying to decide where to eat. We’re known to do that. Apparently it’s a picky eater thang.

We walked from one end of a very long mall to the other and ended up doubling back all the way to where we started, by which time we’d worked up quite an appetite. That was when I suddenly thought of this little place that’s kinda off the beaten path.

Walls lined with colorful tins of tea, it looks more like a tea library than a restaurant. A little if-fy but out of options, we went in. Turns out it was the one of the best decisions we’d made on an empty stomach.

Hip2bDaughter2 picked a clear winner in this home-style braised tofu which sent us straight to tofu heaven. The angels were sitting on slabs of tofu running their fingers over the bacon strings of their harps. The broccoli with thick slices of abalone mushroom was equally delicious.

The weird thing, or novelty, depending on how you look at it, was the rice that was served to us in metal bowls. We’ve never eaten out of metal bowls before. I always thought metal bowls, plates and such were for use only in food prep, not to eat out of. But *shrug* I guess we now know how Tyson, our beagle, feels eating out of his lil metal doggy bowl.

Hip2bDaughter1 picked the other winner of the day, this crispy chicken (which wasn’t all that crispy but who cares?) in a tangy, spicy sauce for dipping these amazing bread rolls. Everything that this restaurant serves is made with tea. No oil is used and this fact alone is worth the money.

We loved everything we ordered. If only it weren’t all so bland though. I’m not complaining. Bland is better than over-salted. But we had to kick the heat index up a notch here. Birds’ eye chilly (the green ones) is the answer. It’s hotter than jalapeno, and it’s a must for us at practically every meal.

If I’ve said way too many nice things about this restaurant, it’s because I believe in giving credit where credit is due. But if the place is clean, the food is good and I love the shape of their ceramic plates, then I’m going to say it like it is. This one’s definitely going into our PEARL. (Missed my post about the PEARL, read it here.)

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