Happy World Pasta Day

So it’s World Pasta Day today. Isn’t that something?

We’re a family of pasta freaks. Not Chinese noodles (I’m okay with it but my kids will turn their noses up at most types). Not Japanese noodles, no way, not even me! But pasta – yes, yes and yes. You may remember our home-cooked favorites which I’ve talked about many times on this blog.

Cajun-style spinach fettucine ( with recipe)

Spaghetti olio with Bratwurst sausages and grilled veggies

Shrimp linguine in creamy sauce (our all-time favorite!)

When we eat out, we typically stay away from pasta because it’s so easy and much cheaper to cook at home. I know my kids’ taste and I cook it just the way they like it. When we do order pasta though, it’s to taste a different style and I can then make my own version at home. Happiness is a great home-cooked pasta :mrgreen: .

Happy World Pasta Day! Long live pasta 😛 !

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