Picky Eater’s Approved Restaurant List

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we have our very own Picky Eater’s Approved Restaurant List, or PEARL, for short. It’s a list of the restaurants whose food pass our taste test. Lately we’ve had to strike a few names off our PEARL list due to deteriorating food quality, decreasing portions and prices creeping up behind our backs. Not naming any names here.

Eager, almost desperate, to find new places to eat, we looked online for recommendations and well, let’s just say we were sorely disappointed. For instance, we went to this Chinese restaurant that folks were raving about, all set to chow down on some delicious roast duck and look what they served us – duck bones!!

So to heck with those. We’ll take our chances with a few random places we’ve picked out ourselves. And man, did we find some ‘pearls’! Like this unassuming corner eatery where we found these super delicious barbecue pork puffs.

pork puffs

I love this stir-fried seafood noodles in herbal sauce with succulent pieces of fish, squid and the freshest shrimps (which is pretty rare). The sauce has a slight sweetness that made me drink it up till the last drop. Drinking sauce? Yeah, it’s that good.

Chicken chop with fries… and rice? Don’t ask me what’s with rice and fries sitting next to each other on the same plate, I don’t understand it either. But Hip2bDaughter2 loves this.

So slowly but surely, we are populating our PEARL list again… and that can’t be a bad thing. Looking forward to the weekend, as always, and more new eateries to explore.

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  • Camille

    I need to make a PEARL list for our area. My daughter is super picky, she barely eats anything at restaurants. We usually have to make her dinner as soon as we get home from eating out, it’s ridiculous!

    • Clairity

      My kids too. We’d get invited for dinner and if the food isn’t on their list, they won’t eat and I’d have to make dinner when we get home LOL.

  • Xmasdolly

    🙂 Okay, I’m you’re new follower. Nice to meet you. My kids are also picky. My youngest would not eat pork chops or chicken legs or any meat for that fact if the bone was there, so I had to cut it off first because if she saw it there there was no eating going on. Although I made them all finish the supper. If they said I don’t like it & never tried it they had to taste it first (while I watched of course), and if there was a face & gagging they didn’t have to eat it (of course I didn’t tell them that) hehehe. Have a great weekend. Hope you have time to stop by & follow me too.