Oh precious Sundays

Our weekends are not the same any more. Instead of 2 days, we have Sunday-only weekends now. Which is a pain. As if weekends aren’t short enough. No thanks to our unapologetic neighbor who is doing some major work on his home.

He calls it remodeling, I call it bringing the house down!! The incessant pounding, drilling and grinding goes on. all. day. long. from morn till dusk. It’s INSANE!

We can’t watch videos. We can’t watch TV. Even with the volume on max, all we can do is lip-read. We can’t even have a conversation because we can’t hear ourselves. We’re down to hand gestures, lipsync-ing and mind-reading. Let me just say this. It doesn’t work very well!

Pounding, drilling, grinding SO LOUD it’s driving the entire neighborhood up the wall! I’m not kidding. Do the math. If that infernal racket is going on for 6 days, all day, from 8 till 6, how much is there left of the weekend?

You got it. Only Sundays. Sundays are our only day of peace and quiet, literally. It’s our only day to sleep just a wee bit. You guessed it, our baking Sundays have come to an abrupt end. No electric mixers, no blenders, nothing that makes more than a beep please. We just want one quiet day a week. Is that too much to ask??!

Oh gawd, is it Monday again today??!!

Tell me it’s Sunday, please!!

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