No magic in this movie

Seems like the only time we eat popcorn is at the movies.


Yes, we were at the movies yesterday. We happened to have a couple of free tickets to waste so we went to watch of all movies “Loopers”. Sci-fi and time travel? Sounds a bit iffy but we figured how bad can it be with Bruce Willis in it, right?


It’s probably the worst movie we’ve seen all year. And we’ve watched like 2 cinema movies this whole year. So you can imagine 🙄 . By the second scene – tops, I had completely switched off. Plugging my ears with my fingers, I sat back and tried to catch a few winks BUT …

… the volume was so deafening, the random booms that went off made us jump out of our seats. Here we were, hoping to escape the unbearable construction noise from next door and the level of ear-popping was even worse here!! Many times worse!!

How’s that?? Seriously do movies have to be this LOUD?

Wokay, THAT’S IT! A half hour in and we upped and walked out!!

Went home, popped a bag of what else popcorn into the microwave and had ourselves a little tea party to calm those frayed nerves. The sound of those corn kernels popping was like music… if we could hear above the deafening din from next door, that is 🙄 !

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