Yes, I wear the same thing

… every day!

So last week, I read that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg admitted to wearing “the same t-shirt every day”. What a relief! I’m so glad someone actually came out in the open and admitted it. In case you haven’t noticed, he and his grey t-shirt are inseparable, and he has a stash of 20-odd identical grey t-shirts.

I’m sure he’s not the only one. You might even know someone like that. And some of us do variations of this.

I’m guilty of wearing tank tops every single day. They are the most comfortable things ever. I have 6, maybe 8 tanks in different colors of different designs. Of course, I make sure I wear a different color every day just in case folks start wondering if they should hold their breaths around me 😉 .

Nothing wrong with wearing the same thing every day. Or is there?

There was a guy at the office where I worked who wore the same exact shirt, pants and tie every single day. Did he even change for a whole week? What was most disturbing was that I had to deal with him quite a bit and there’s a limit to how long I could hold my breath around him 🙄 !

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  • Brenda Keefer

    YES! Finally, someone else who thinks a tank top should be a daily occurrence. I live in tank tops, flip flops and jean shirts from May thru September. The flip flops stay on till cold weather hits. 😀

  • Kylie

    Yes…. me too. I work fulltime (where they have no uniform), and have 2 small children and find it impossible to think of amazing ways to get dressed. In fact its amazing I’m clothed in the mornings. I do a similar thing to you. My wardrobe is so small it fits entirely into a small suitcase (without spacebags)…. good on you for broaching such an “off limits” topic 🙂