Free eyeglasses from Firmoo

I was thrilled to be asked by to pick out a pair of eyeglasses that they would send to me for free. It’s such a coincidence that lately I’ve been thinking maybe it’d be neat to add a touch of nerdy fun to my look.

Okay, time to get fashionable here. Firmoo offers hundreds of stylish yet affordable frames. Quite frankly, I was stumped by the choices and didn’t know which one to choose. Luckily they have a Virtual Try-on System where I could upload my photo and “try on” the frames I liked. Pure genius! I had hours of fun trying on all the different frames.

That done, I couldn’t wait for my package to arrive. Within days, my glasses arrived in this lovely hard case, and a soft case as well.

And inside was the pair of glasses I ordered, SDA207. Taa-daa!

Pretty neat, huh? I love it!

I seem to recall ordering the black frame though. Somehow this frame seems to bear a dark bluish tinge instead. But no big deal, blue is good too. Black seems to be a very popular color but I kinda like to be different. So I’m happy. I think blue looks pretty good on me 😀 .

Hey, listen, how does a free pair of glasses sound to you? Whether you need prescription glasses, or simply want a pair of fashion glasses to complete your look, just go grab Firmoo’s free eyewear to first-time buyers. Yes, it’s completely free of charge and I just know you’re going to enjoy picking out a pair for yourself.

I was not compensated in any way for this review. These glasses were sent to me for free by All opinions are entirely my own.

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