Mom or the jetset?

Somewhere in between a super busy school week, I managed to squ-eeeze in an hour with a girl friend that I’ve not seen in, oh, a year or so. Good times over latte. Catching up. When we parted company, I was heading back to my life of mom, taxi driver and chef – you know, the hurriedly-slapped-together lunches, the rush-hour traffic, the tales from school…

…and she was off to rub shoulders with Prince William and the Duchess Kate at some fancy address. Her husband insisted, the sweet man. Okay, let’s face it, the only royalty I remember running into was Princess Jasmine. At Disney’s California Adventure Park, no less. That’s her with her Prince, Aladdin and Genie.

As you can imagine, my life is nowhere near as glamorous as hers. No doubt, we’re 2 women with 2 entirely different lifestyles. She has no kids (don’t think she wanted any), has barely worked a day in her life and spends her days lounging by the pool, lunching with the jet pack, zipping across the globe… you know, the stuff of the Kardashians.

As for me, well, you know me, my life revolves around my kids, has been for years and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. True, money doesn’t grow on our trees (I’m not much of a green thumb) but we kinda enjoy running on schedules, granola bars, hugs and simple pleasures. Oh, and make-believe royalty.

I try to imagine myself in her shoes and wonder if, at some point, I might get tired of all that freedom and long for a less frivolous, more structured lifestyle? Something along the lines of motherhood on the fast lane. Hmm, interesting, isn’t it?

So here then is a question for you. I may have asked this question before but never mind, let’s have another shot at it. So between the job description of Mom or Swinging Child-free Jetset, if you could choose only one, which one would it be?

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  • EmmaK

    Ha ha I do fantasize about having my own private plane and my own pad in Monaco and rubbing shoulders with the royals…but to be honest all those formal parties would requite a lot of small talk and I’m just not very good at it! I think I prefer the rough and tumble world of looking after kids and occasionally scrubbing up to go out to dinner.
    I’m popping over from the You Like Me Friday blog hop so pop over any time!! I’m the author of mad parenting book Cocktails at Naptime and Seductive Viennese Whirl