Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 60

Everyday Ruralty
1. Do you prefer to wash dishes by machine or by hand? If you tell me you don’t wash dishes, I will cry, but secretly want to be like you when I grow up!

I hate touching anything greasy, hate messing with washing liquids, read: hate doing dishes. So yes, I’m all for the dish washer. Back in college, when my roomie and I were trying to save electricity cost by doing the dishes by hand, I was guilty of dunking everything, plus the kitchen sink, into the dish washer when she wasn’t looking 😆 .

2. Who has been the biggest inspiration to you?

I can’t just name one person. I’m inspired by so many people, not just people like Bill Gates who have built empires from scratch and spend their time and money giving back endlessly. In a world fueled by greed, it’s good to know there are selfless folks out there.

I’m also inspired by people who never let age get in their way and live life to the fullest in their 80’s, 90’s and even their 100’s. Body-building, gymnastics, jumping out of airplanes – they make me go wow, isn’t that really something!!

3. Have you been to any fall festivals or local fairs? Will you be going to any?

Sure, and I love them.

4. Bath or shower?

Shower 3 times a day on days when I hit the gym. Bath, not so much.

5. Tell me something interesting you learned from a blog recently. Please:)

A random act of kindness can really light up someone’s life 😉 .

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