Crazy traffic, hurried meals and early shuteye

It sure is quiet around here. Too quiet. I prefer a noisier house, a much noisier house filled with my kids and buzzing with 101 activities. Like it’s been the past two months. But both my older kids have gone back to college and it’s hard getting used to the sudden quiet after two whole months of loud fun and laughter.

Indeed there’s been a whole lot going on. We ate out practically every day. I cooked some, baked up a storm, had a coupla movie nights. But not often enough. Going out seemed to take precedence over everything else. When we were home, the kids were constantly blasting away at their computer games.

In other news, I finally said goodbye and good riddance to Siri. I need a phone that lets me dance around the stuff I want to do, not one that’s so proprietary it has me tripping over apple carts and craters. Siri wasn’t my choice in the first place, and let’s just say apples have never gone down well with me, they give me a belly ache, kinda 😆 .

Today we’re back to eating in and eating healthier. With school in full swing, there won’t be time for much else besides sandwiches and simple meals hurriedly slapped together. Not to mention the joys of rush hour traffic, watching the clock, and hitting the sack before ten…

How’s back to school working out for ya? Frankly I can’t wait till Christmas.

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  • Janene

    My kids start school on Wednesday – but I’ll still have my 3 year old twin boys around with me. 🙂 I’m looking forward to Christmas, too . . . but also kind of looking forward to a little extra peace and quiet around here!

    Stopping by and following from the Monday Blog Hop at Not so Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom. Would love for you to stop by and check out! Especially our Sunday Sip Feature! We would love to feature you and your blog if you are interested! Have a great week!

  • Natalie

    I have just found you through the Mom blog monday blog hop, I am not quite a mum yet – due in September but enjoy the parenting frugally topic!!

    Natalie x