Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 56

Everyday Ruralty
1. Are you a list maker? (grocery, to-do, goals, etc.)

Yup, that would be me. I keep an ongoing grocery list in my cell phone which I update throughout the week. Even then, I still succeed in missing out something every week *sigh*.

2. Do you have overnight guests often?

Nope unless you count the crickets who drop in unannounced.

3. Where is your laundry room, or the area that you keep your washer and dryer?

In the back, out of sight.

4. How are you with tools? Power tools?

I try to stay away from those 😆 .

5. Tell me something that will make me smile. Please.

About the cricket I mentioned back in No. 2, I named him Jiminy. He’s kinda one of the family as he annoys sings to us. So yeah. we haven’t officially met but we spotted him briefly the other night. He didn’t stay long enough for us to get acquainted. He’s shy around women, I guess. What can I say?

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