Invasion of the mutant tarts

That was some 5 hours in the kitchen, I tell ya… and on a super hot and humid day too which essentially turned my kitchen into a sauna. Totally crazy! But the kids will be going back to college soon and had some special requests for me.

Lucky for me, my trusty baking buddies, Hip2bDaughters, volunteered to help. If not for them, I would’ve been chained to my mixer and oven for even longer. They painstakingly toiled at the little pineapple tarts and even sneaked in some fun while they were at it.

Can you spot the ‘mutant’ tarts? 😆 One is Shrek’s evil twin, another is wearing a hat and the third is doing a hug.

Two loaves of wholemeal rye bread, a pound cake and approximately 200 pineapple petitarts later, I was ready to call it a day.

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One Comment

  • Diane

    They look delish! Found you on the friday blog hop and now my mouth is watering!
    ATA Girls
    Foster Parent Rescue
    Treasuring Grace