Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 55

Everyday Ruralty
1. What was your biggest fear as a child?

Wow, I hadn’t really thought about this. This may not have been my biggest fear but one of my fears was definitely forgetting my homework. It wasn’t so much the fear of punishment because there was very little of that in those days but more of a sense of responsibility.

2. Who taught you to cook?

Necessity taught me to cook. Growing up, I was hardly ever allowed into the kitchen. The grown-ups didn’t want kids messing around. Came time for me to go away to university, I was only good for boiling water and frying an omelet.

At college, it was either learn to cook – in a hurry – or starve! Good thing I had a roomie who knew a thing or two about cooking. Between the scrumptious meals that she cooked and the less than glamorous fare that I cooked, we survived college and lived to tell the tale.

3. Do you have a lot of books in your home?

Yup, pretty much. The newer stash belongs to my 2 bookworms. The older collection are children’s books from the kids’ growing years. We’re keeping those for the next generation because I reckon by that time, there won’t be many of the old classics left or they’ll all have been watered down by then. And there will only be e-books and we’d have to take them to book museums to gasp at real books framed up in glass displays.

4. Do you like carrot cake? Patrice says frosting is good on top. If you like that cake, what kind of frosting do you like best? On top? Hmm. I guess you wear it like a hat.

I love carrot cake plain with nothing on top. If it comes with frosting, I will scrape it all off. That’s how I like any kind of cake. It’s okay, you can tell me I’m weird, I can take it 😉 .

5. What did the last funny t-shirt you read say? (It doesn’t have to reflect your personal feeling about the topic, just be funny and family friendly.)

I’m not a big fan of t-shirts with text. The standard of English is pretty atrocious here and grammar nazi that I am, I simply refuse to be caught wearing anything with bad English scrawled all over it.

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  • patrice

    Necessity is a good teacher for many things. I think of your #2 answer, as my oldest is soon to go off to college. I think I taught her enough about cooking that she should be okay. I know several people who like cake without frosting. It’s less fattening that way. Grammar nazi- I’m laughing:)

  • Arlene

    Your story about learning to cook in college made me laugh! That’s how many young folks learn to cook, or learn to eat lots of ramen noodles, LOL! I think a well made cake doesn’t need frosting, but I don’t mind it. Carrot cake is one of those that’s just as good with nothing as it is with frosting or whipped cream.

    Have a blessed week!

  • Debbie

    Child – the dark
    Cook – Myself
    Books – Tons!
    Cake – Yes … Cream Cheese
    T-Shirt – I am busy .. read my blog

    Stopping by via the Social Media Party Hop brought to you by Charisma Media! Looking forward to reading more of your articles. I am following you in all the social networks we have in all (which is alot 🙂 )

  • Pam

    Necessity has taught me a thing or two also. The hard way. LOL Thank goodness my grandmother was instrumental in teaching me to cook. My mother too but it was my grandmother that taught me the most. And she was just awesome- I loved spending time with her in her kitchen.