So how do you get hiccups to stop?

I grew up being told to drink water whenever I had the hiccups. As I got older, someone simplified that tip to – take 7 sips of water instead. And if the first 7 sips doesn’t work, just take another 7 sips, then another till the hiccups stop.

Then the 7-sips tip got simplified even further to – hold your breath for 7 seconds. Even better, I’m someone who likes simple. And if the first 7 seconds doesn’t work, then just go for another 7, then another… you get the idea. Aah, my poor nose!

While the 7’s methods sound good, they don’t always work. Lately we’ve had some spells of hiccups in the Hip household. I have no idea what brings on the hiccups. But Raine got them first a couple of times, and then I got them. Oh joy!

Hiccups are so annoying when they keep on and on, no matter what you do, and refuse to go away. How do you get them to stop? I’d be interested to see if you know something I don’t. Can’t wait to hear how you deal with them, even if it’s an old wives’ tale 😉 .

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