Dainty dumplings

Our visit to the dentist took the 4 of us all of an hour and a half. All we needed was routine cleaning and scaling which left us enough time to catch the start of the day’s dimsum lunch. Thing is if I could’ve held off eating to continue enjoying that clean-teeth feeling, I would’ve. But the rumblings of an empty stomach isn’t something that can be ignored 😆 .

Everything was super delicious. Of the tens of variations of fancy dimsum crafted by ever-creative chefs, these are probably the only few varieties that we stick to. The waitress was annoyed that we kept saying ‘no’ to practically every fancy dumpling she was suggesting we try. Hey, to each her own, right? We prefer the tried and true dumplings, they’re always the best 😀 .

We couldn’t get enough of these melt-in-the-mouth mini egg tarts and sent in for another order. My kids love dimsum so much we’re probably going back for more soon.

Have you tried dimsum? What’s your favorite Chinese food?

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