The potatoes on the London Olympics 2012 couch

While you won’t exactly find me glued to the 2012 Olympics on TV like my 2 lovelies seem to be these days, I’m keeping track – in my own way. Not ashamed to say we’ve been rooting for Michael Phelps like crazy. Have been since the 2008 Olympics. He’s so much easier to like than, say, Lochte who is so full of himself.

This was us catching up on some Michael Phelps on Raine’s cell while munching on our McD’s breakfast.

So thrilled that Michael Phelps ended his last solo swim with a gold (humble pie and grill, anyone?) and finished with one more gold for the road. Wow, is this guy amazing or what? Regardless that the media tried to pull him under at first about not being as prepared as he should’ve been compared to some of the other swimmers, he still came out the most decorated Olympian in history.

A true athlete consistently delivers, can’t say the same about flukes. Twenty-two medals with 18 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze and lots of firsts in that. Fathom that! Is that even humanly possible? I wonder how long it will take anyone to beat that record? On another note, now that swimming has come to an end, I guess it’ll be another 4 years before I watch TV again ๐Ÿ˜† ?!

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  • Jennifer DeFoy

    I loved watching the swimming! But I like all the Olympic sports. Watching Oscar Pistorius run was amazing! The fact that he doesn’t have any legs hasn’t ruined his spirit at all!

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