When do you stop calling your kids “kids”?

I wrote in an email to someone that I only ate a tiny bit of cake and let my kids finish the rest. Nothing wrong with that, I didn’t think… until I got a quizzical reply back that it’s funny I still call Hip2bDaughters “kids”.

O.kay? 🙄

So what should I call them?

I tried substituting various other possible words but none of them sound quite as endearing. I’ve always called my kids “my kids” and I suspect I will continue to call them that for as long as they’re MY KIDS 🙄 . What else would I call them otherwise.. they ARE my kids after all, at ANY age, no?

To me, it’s so obvious that the word “kids” means offspring. But to many folks, the word “kids” is only applicable to little children and then as those little children grow, they simply become your “children”. Maybe they studied a different brand of English than I did.

Actually I’m sure they did. And you know how I know? Because I’ve met so many folks who try to correct me when I say “I dropped Hip2bDaughter1 off at school” and they go, “You mean, at college?”.

Yes, of course I meant college, isn’t a college a school?

And when I say “Steev is away at school”, they are quick to insist, “You mean, at university?”.

Yes, of course I meant university, isn’t a university a school?

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  • Michele

    😆 I have 3 grown boys, ages 23, 21 & 18…. I still call them kids and I call college or university school too. It is a hard habit to break. I know what I mean and I am happy with it. Now Raine & Skye? Love the names! My second husband and I have 3 boys (6 boys for me in all) and our youngest are twins. We named them Adam Sky & Elijah Rain. Cute coincidence I think. New follower here.