Three bakes in three and a half

We didn’t have much luck going out on Saturday. So we decided to stay in on Sunday instead while Steev was out meeting up with his old school friends. What better time to turn a lazy day into a baking day. Like I said, either I bake up a storm or I don’t bake at all.

My pineapple petitarts are Steev’s, and everyone’s favorite. It’s been a long while since I made these because well, they’re pretty labor-intensive and time-consuming. Cooking the pineapple jam from scratch involves time and a great arm workout. This time, I had the girls’ help assembling these scrumptious darlings so it was much easier and quicker.

My first attempt at making chocolate brownies. I am surprised this turned out so well. Love that moist, cake-like texture. The only time my kids have ever eaten chocolate brownies is probably at the rare buffet lunch we’ve gone to over the years. This was a special request from the girls who say they remember eating it “when we were little and it tasted really yums”. My poor deprived teens 😆 .

Baking isn’t hard. I just need to pull myself away from the computer. All in all, it was a fruitful day that ended, quite appropriately, with a beautiful fruit cake for Hip2bDaughter2’s recess. How did your weekend go?

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